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Should I Do My Own Pest Control in Oak Lawn, IL or Hire a Professional Pest Management Company?

Pests are more than a nuisance; whether they are startling little critters that solicit uncontrollable yelps of terror, or more serious problems such as health risks and property damage, no one wants pests infesting their home or business. No matter what infliction any pests bring with them, there are things the owner can do prevent many infestations. But there are also lots of DIY methods that prove ineffective whereas professional methods are proved to be efficient. With that in mind, we at Pest Management Services would like discuss DIY versus professional pest control.

Advantages of Professional Pest Control

1) Your home or business is better off a pest free zone with the aid of the professional’s high-tech equipment and superior quality products as opposed to department store paraphernalia. Not only do licensed specialists have access to more effective products and equipment, but we also have the training and experience to know where the various products are most useful in dealing with common pests as well as specific infestations.
2) Infestations can be complex, especially with unique infestations from bed bugs for example. Many pests have developed resistance to once proven methods and a skilled professional with ongoing training and extensive experience knows how to best deal with them.
3) Not only are the chemicals available for licensed professionals more effective and potent, but these qualified experts knowing how to safely apply it; ensuring the pests are dealt with, while leaving pets and children unharmed.

Disadvantages of DIY Pest Control

1) Anyone can purchase the department store pest control chemicals and ensure they spray around the edges of the structure and various places common to pests. More often than not, these diluted products are only temporarily effective; if at all and if not properly applied they can be toxic to everyone around, especially pets and children. Before anyone jumps into this task blindly, they should consider the possibilities.
2) Many people believe merely keeping your home clean is enough to stop pests. Where it does help, it is not enough to deter pests from infesting. Keeping the home clutter free can help minimize pest harborage options however.

Pest Prevention Tips

To really aid in preventing pests from invading your home or business, in conjunction with professional maintenance services, apply the following tips:
1) Ensure all indoor and outdoor trash bins have pest proof lids that are kept securely closed. Periodically wash in the interior and exterior of the bins with hot soapy water. Be sure to store the exterior trash can as far from the house as possible.
2) Keep the home or business clean and clutter free. A previously mentioned, keeping the building free from clutter will minimize pest’s resources and cut down on places to nest.
3) Pests often infiltrate homes and businesses in search for food and water. Be sure all stored food is securely contained in sealable containers and crumbs are immediately cleaned up. Avoid allowing used dishware and cookware to accumulate. Always return uneaten food or ingredients to secure locations as opposed to leaving them out.
4) Make certain screen doors and windows are in good condition. Check to see if the doors and windows need weather stripping, and ensure any holes and crevices are sealed.
5) Routinely manicure the landscaping by pruning trees and trimming bushes away from the structure and keep the grass short. The landscaping is their natural habitat and they can be easily inside when the two connect.
6) The decks and patios should be kept clean and in good condition. Routinely evaluate the exterior siding and frames for any damage and repair them if any are found. Pests will frequently wander in close and burrow into the clutter or decayed wood.
7) Many pests find the piled firewood a safe place to nest. Avoid placing the firewood piles or other such clutter, in close proximity to the house.

Expert Pest Control Services

If you are dealing with an infestation, or simply want to avoid them with routine maintenance pest control, call in the specialists of Pest Management Services today!

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