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Interesting Facts About Bed Bugs in Tinley Park, IL; Hard to See with the Human Eye & More

There are some people that have never had to experience bed bugs. They should consider themselves lucky because bed bugs are much more abundant then you may have thought. Bed bugs are not just found in homes that are a mess and never cleaned. They are found all over and can be in your home before you know it. The most common ways that people end up with bed bugs is from the airport or lodging at a motel or hotel room. It makes sense when you think about it because these are areas that get the most traffic from people all over. All it will take is one person that has bed bugs maybe even unknowingly and then catching a flight and staying in a motel or hotel. Now you are on the same flight or happen to check in the room right after they leave. A standard room cleaning is not enough to get bed bugs out of the room. It needs to be treated with professional services from a company that knows what they are doing. With that said there is a lot about bed bugs that you might not really know.

Pest Management Services Lists Interesting Facts About Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs are Hard to See with the Human Eye: This is a myth that some people think. Bed bugs are thought to be small enough that when you go look at them you are not able to see them. The thing is that bed bugs are not small enough to be hidden completely. The reason that they are quite hard to locate is the fact that they are good at hiding. They are not active in the day time and they tend to hide in the mattress including around the edges of the seams. If you look around the edges of the bed behind the sheets you may see signs that they are there including the pests themselves. Other signs of bed bugs are small blood spots that they often leave behind after they have had a blood meal. If you suspect you have bed bugs, the best option is to have a professional come and do a thorough inspection.
Are Bed Bugs Only Found in Messy Homes?: There has always been a rumor that bed bugs love to live in filth. The problem is that studies have been done and the fact is that bed bugs are happy to live in clean and organized spaces just as much as a cluttered mess as long as their is a convenient blood meal nearby! That means that just about any home could be infested with bed bugs. If you travel or are near someone that has bed bugs it only takes one to get on you or your belongings to come home with you. Next thing you know your home will be full of bed bugs too.
Can a Vacuum Cleaner Remove Bed Bugs?: There are some DIY bed bug projects that say you can simply use a vacuum to remove the bed bugs. The vacuum will pull the bed bugs off your bedding but they can be difficult to dislodge as they cling tightly to fabrics. Plus, all you are doing is getting the individual bed bugs you can see. It also means that anywhere you take your vacuum means you could be bringing them to more locations throughout your home. That is why it is best to call out a professional as soon as possible.

Bed Bug Inspections & Removal

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