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How to Scare Away & Keep Raccoons Out of Your Orland Hills, IL Attic, Home & Yard

Pests are defined as any insect or animal that causes issues for humans. This means raccoons are pests! They are hard to resist because they are so cute with their narrow, pointy muzzles and large black eyes ringed with white. They also have that striped bushy tail and cute little paws that look like tiny human hands. Raccoons are nocturnal and will need to find a dark place to sleep during the day. These areas can include: crawl spaces, chimneys, attics, soffits, roofs, ducts and vents and within walls.

Raccoon Damage, Diseases & Health Risks

While raccoons are cute and lovable, you don’t want them on your property. They can destroy landscaping and mutilate buildings. When they get into your home they can cause a lot of damage. They can become agitated very easily and can be moody. The older they get, the more mischievous and destructive they tend to become. They can tear air ducts apart and make large holes in your walls and under your home. In attics they will tear the insulation apart when they build their dens and when female raccoons are looking for a place to nest they can tear fascia boards and rip shingles off the roof. After they have settled in and decided to stay they will start urinating and defecating in that space. This produces harmful bacteria and introduces parasites into the environment. People can get very sick when they are exposed to these. Getting scratched by a raccoon can lead to a rabies contraction and they can also be infected with canine distemper that can be transmitted to pet dogs. This is a highly infectious and deadly disease. Raccoons can also carry roundworms.

How to Keep Raccoons Out of Your Yard

Residential properties have become a safer, warmer and more comfortable place for raccoons to live versus the wilderness. And homes offer a virtually infinite supply of food and water too! This makes it hard to get them to leave. The law in Illinois states that you have three options after you’ve captured a raccoon:
1. They need to be released within 100 yards on the same property where the raccoon was captured
2. It needs to be brought into a licensed veterinarian who deals with wildlife
3. It needs to be humanely euthanized
The law in Illinois states that property owners or tenants need to have a permit to trap and remove most species of wildlife. Contact a pest control company when you spot a raccoon on your property. Do not approach it. Trying to deal with a raccoon on your own can lead to injury or can lead to exposure to bacteria and parasites.

Wildlife Removal

Professionals like Pest Management Services are skilled to handle the difficult, and sometimes dangerous task of removing raccoons from your property. We also have the knowledge to do everything needed to keep them away in the future. Do you need help dealing with raccoons? Contact Pest Management Services for an inspection, to determine the extent of your problem and the best way to deal with it. Contact us today!

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