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How to Get Rid of Flying American Cockroach Infestations & Keep Roaches Away in Chicago, IL

Illinois is home to many insects, even cockroaches. Cockroaches are more than a nuisance, they are known for their destructive ways as they forage for food and nesting materials, as well as picking up germs, bacteria, allergies, and ailments as they traverse through the filth of sewers, garbage heaps, and other such nasty environments. Any home or business is susceptible to their infestations, no matter how clean the building is. Spreading the contagions by simply walking across surface where food is prepared and on the food itself is an unpleasant fact. But where many cockroaches are similar, there are some characteristics, traits, and habits that differ from one species to another. With that in mind, we at Pest Management Services would like to take the opportunity to discuss American Cockroaches.

What Do American Cockroaches Look Like?

American cockroaches are one of the largest species of roach in the United States; reaching between 1 ½” and 2” in length. Just behind their head is a yellow band marking. Their oval-shaped body color ranges in shades of brown from reddish brown to mahogany. By the time an American cockroach reaches adulthood, they will evolve wings. They do have the ability to fly, but it is awkward and clumsy. Instead they choose to run as they are fast and efficient at it. American cockroaches run the equivalent of a human running 210 miles per hour as they were clocked in running at 3 miles per hour. Their speed allows them to avoid predators as well as an unsuspecting person that flick on a light in an otherwise darkened room when their need for flight darts them to safety. Not only does their fast movement help them escape potential threats, but they can slip through incredibly tiny cracks.

Lifespan of an American Cockroach

Assuming adult American cockroaches survive the constant dangers; their average lifespan is about one year. With the ability to reproduce quickly, they can infest a building in record time. For example, a female can spawn approximately 150 hatchlings in a single year. With the three lifecycles; egg, nymph, and adult they will have grown to adults within 6-12 months, depending on the climate and living conditions.

What Do American Cockroaches Eat?

Like most roaches, American cockroaches are omnivorous, eating nearly anything. These cockroaches include decaying matter, meats, beer, cheese, plants, pet food, leather, cosmetics, glue, hair, soiled clothing, paper products, other insects, and have a weakness for fermented fruit. They also require water, but can go without it for a few weeks if necessary. However, American cockroaches will generally nest close to a water source whenever possible; often around sewers and drains.

American Cockroach Infestations

Not only do they look for a water source to live close to, but they prefer warm, damp, and dark locations to nest in. As a result, they are frequently found along the foundation, under porches, in crawl spaces and in dark cracks and crevices. They typically only go inside buildings to escape poor weather or if the food and water is scarce. Like other roaches, American cockroaches are also nocturnal, and are usually only seen skittering around at night, in the dark.

Cockroach Control

If you suspect American cockroaches are in your home or business, call in the experts of Pest Management Services. We can rid your home or business of cockroach and other pest infestations. And we offer management programs to keep them out. Contact us to learn more today!

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