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Bed Bug Facts & Myths in Blue Island, IL; Bed Bugs Aren’t Only Active at Night & Much More

When it comes to bed bugs, many people have their theories and opinions and they share them to friends and family like they are gospel truth. As a result, myths are born and people have false notions concerning bed bugs which can lead to mistakes bringing them home and allowing an infestation to fester. Today, we at Pest Management Services would like to take the opportunity to bust common bed bug myths and set the facts straight!

How to Fight Bed Bugs; Education & Busting Myths!

Myth #1 Dirty environments are the only places bed bugs live?
The filthiest of homes down to the most immaculate of homes can be easily infested with bed bugs as they do not discriminate where they live. However, the more clutter and debris lying around the more opportunity they have to hide.
Myth #2 The best defense against bed bugs is DDT?
The bed bugs have built an immune to the chemical leaving this banned since 1972 controversial pesticide ineffective.
Myth #3 Bed bugs only feed at night?
Bed bugs are in fact nocturnal. Though they prefer to feed at night, they will look for a food source at any time of day if they are deprived of a food source for any given time.
Myth #4 Mattresses are the only places bed bugs hide?
Staying close the bed, they do stick close to the mattress, box spring and bed frame, when their numbers are few, preferring stay close to the food source. Bed bugs will spreads further out the more their numbers grow. Common places they hide include computer keyboards, outlets, alarm clocks, wallpaper and baseboards, surrounding furniture, picture frames, and behind light switch plates.
Myth #5 Bug spray can effectively remove bed bugs?
Bed bugs cannot be killed by department pesticides and chemical agents because of their resistance to poisons. Fumigation and heat treatments are the most effective bed bug treatments.
Myth #6 Bed bugs can spread disease?
Allergic reactions to the fluid they inject during the bite can occur and potential mild infection from scratching the bites may be the worst effects. Sleepless nights because of the discomfort of the bite, however, bed bugs do not spread diseases.
Myth #7 Bed bugs have wings and fly?
Flying is not an option for bed bugs as they are not equipped with wings but they do have the increasing ability to crawl exceptionally fast, running approximately 1 meter a minute
Myth #8 Bed bugs multiply quickly?
A bed bug female only averages 1 egg per day and a housefly, for example, will lay up to 500 eggs within 3-4 days. In comparison to other insects, bed bugs are fairly slow to reproduce, but if the infestation is left untreated for a time there numbers can increase because after 10 days a bed bug will hatch and from there, it only takes 5-6 weeks to become an adult.
Myth #9 Bed bugs can survive without eating for a year?
If bed bugs are living in consistent normal room temperature environments, like in your home for example, research points to bed bugs surviving only a short while. However, the bed bug’s metabolism will slow down in chillier climates and being cold-blooded, their odds at surviving a year without a food increase. But the overall survival rate of bed bugs without sustenance on average is an ongoing debate among scientists.
Myth #10 Bed bugs only latch onto human bodies to be transported to new environments?
Bed bugs do not hide in the hair or attach to the skin like ticks, fleas, or lice. They are even unlikely to be in the lining of your clothing. When people introduce bed bug to their home it generally because the bed bugs stowed away coincidentally in luggage, backpacks, shoes, briefcases, purses, and so on.

Bed Bug Inspections & Removal

Bed bugs require professional expertise to efficiently remove from your home. If you suspect bed bugs, call in the experts of Pest Management Services and let our specialists perform a comprehensive inspection to confirm their presence and present the most effective method to remove them.

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