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Bathroom Bugs & Pests Identification in Marionette Park, IL; Centipedes, Silverfish & More

The bathroom should be a place of peacefulness and tranquility, an oasis to escape and take a long soak in the tub away from the day to day stresses of work. But what happens when your private space is taken over by intruders in the form of nuisance pests and other bugs? These annoying little invaders are actually insects and arthropods, and unfortunately for home owners, they are attracted to food and moisture making your bathroom the ideal place for them to congregate.

Common Pests Found in Urban Bathrooms

Centipedes: Unlike their namesake centipedes can have between 15 and 191 legs depending on the actual species. One thing they all have in common is that they enjoy wet moist areas, making your shower the perfect environment. On a good note, centipedes are predators that feed on spiders and other insects which means they can actually be beneficial additions to your home. Beneficial or not, most homeowners want to rid their homes of centipedes and the best way to do this is to keep all areas including cabinets, drawers and under shelving clean and free of other insects essentially removing their food source. Keeping your bathroom dry and keeping humidity in check can also help with control.
Spiders: While some homeowners welcome spiders with open arms to help combat nuisance bugs like cockroaches and flies, the majority are horrified and want them out of their homes as soon as possible. Although spiders are not necessarily attracted to damp areas, they are attracted to food sources and removing other bugs will help cut down the spider population in your bathroom. Keep corners of the room regularly vacuumed to remove all traces of webs. Not only will this discourage other spiders from moving in, it will also remove any spider eggs to stop future populations. Never handle a spider that you cannot identify. Contact your Pest Management Services pest control professional for identification and removal.
Silverfish: Just like their namesake, silverfish are silver in color with movements that look similar to a fish swimming in water. Silverfish are attracted to mold and fungus and are most often found in the kitchen area. Since mold is also found in the bathroom, it’s not uncommon to find silverfish in and around bathrooms and the surrounding areas. When left to their own devises, silverfish can easily spread to infest other areas of your home.
Cockroaches: Your bathroom is home to many different kinds of pests but perhaps the most infamous is the cockroach. Cockroaches need water to survive making your bathroom the perfect place for them to congregate. To control cockroaches effectively you will need to examine your floors and walls for any damage or cracks. Contact a plumber and have any leaks repaired along with any breaches around your pipes filled with waterproof caulk. Clean drains on a regular basis and cover them with screens to keep cockroaches out.

Residential Pest Control

Other tips to help keep nuisance pests out of your home include reducing moisture by increasing ventilation or using a dehumidifier. Reduce the lighting in the bathroom area especially at night and keep bathroom doors tightly closed whenever possible. If your bathroom has a window, keep shades closed at night to ensure outside insects are not attracted to the lights inside. Also, make sure that your window screens fit tightly to keep unwelcome intruders out. To learn more about professional residential, commercial and industrial pest control inspections and control, contact the knowledgeable experts at Pest Management Services today.

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