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Are Earwig Infestations in Your Oak Forest, IL House Harmful? How to Get Rid of Earwigs

Earwigs are a nasty little insect that seems to grow in activity during the winter months, especially here in our Illinois homes. What are these little bugs and why do they seem to be invading my home? Pest Management Services classifies Earwigs as an occasional invader but they frequently invade homes during the winter. Pest Management Services will share more about earwigs and why they seem to intrude in our homes in force during the winter months.

Earwig Identification

Earwigs don’t actually pose a serious threat to humans. They are not venomous and they do not carry any diseases. They do look creepy though. Their forceps or pincers are located at the end of the abdomen. They have a small round head that is attached to the thorax that the legs of the earwig extend from. Their abdomens are long and oval shaped. Most species of earwigs also have wings. However, very few can fly and those who do don’t fly long distances. In addition, they are not very graceful fliers. Earwigs can range in size. Some species only get 3/16 of an inch while others can reach up to a full inch in size.

Earwigs Smell Bad

Earwigs become an unwelcome guest as they produce bad odors. Earwigs produce a smell liquid for defense. They also produce pheromones that smell terrible, which call other earwigs to their side. This is why they are often found clustered together in large groups. Earwigs prefer to live in damp cool areas during the summer season and can be found in gardens living in wet soil or in ground cover or decaying leaves. When conditions are no longer favorable they will look for better places to dwell, which is often inside homes or buildings.

Earwig Diet & Habitat

Earwigs feed on decaying plant matter. Some species are predatory and will hunt other insects. Earwigs are typically most active at night and are fast movers covering large areas when foraging for food. Earwigs are also attracted to light, which is why they are often seen on porches or patios. When earwigs invade homes, they typically don’t want to stay long unless they find a damp cool area. Earwigs are most often found in kitchens or bathrooms. Luckily, major infestations are rare.

Earwig Infestation Prevention

Preventing earwigs usually start in the yard. They only become a problem if you harbor them. By keeping leaves or branches and other decaying plant matter out of your home, you typically won’t see a major population of earwigs. You may want to point external lights away from the house and out towards the yard to help draw them away from the house. You can also use dehumidifiers in those damp or moist areas of the home. They don’t like dry areas and if they get inside your home, they won’t want to stay. They will be drawn back outside to the damp yard. If your home has a gutter system, make sure to clean them out regularly. Gutters are a hot spot for Earwigs, especially when leaves begin to decay.

Occasional Invader Pest Control

However, nothing beats a professional pest control management program. Pest Management Services can help manage pests around your home and keep you pest free all year long. Contact Pest Management Services today.

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